Prep Work

Things you should Check so You're ready for your Complete Interior!



Body/ Paint: 

Vehicle or all the metal parts inside and the door jams should be finished and painted. Window and Door assembly should be installed back in the vehicle so when fitting panels, they can be marked centered in the hole of the new panels.


Wiring should be completed before you bring your car to the shop. Keep in mind the door locks, and or door poppers, power windows, radio, speakers, lights, etc. it's a good idea to have all of the power wires run for your dome and interior lights. You can also go ahead and buy theses lights before or during you job. Courtesy lights and any stuff that will be placed in the console.

Air Conditioning: 

Need to have your A/C and heating unit in place.

Heater Hoses: 

Have all heater hoses installed and checked for leaks.

Heat Shield/Sound Deadener: 

The floor and firewall should be sealed. It's best to use spray-on insulation in your doors.

Windows and Garnish Moldings:

Windows already installed (most vehicles). Window felting should already be in place. Have all the window garnish moldings fitting the windows and painted.

Seat Bolts/Trim Screws: 

Have the seat mounting bolts and trim screws with the vehicle. Trim Screws Kit (We have new screws available!)

Vehicle/ Interior Kits:

Make Sure you have everything from front to rear, top to bottom for a better return time when at the shop.

Sill Plates/ Master Cylinder: 

Have the carpet sill plate. If your master cylinder is still under the car mounted to the frame be sure to tell us.

Plastic Trim/ Interior: 

Interior hard plastic trim/ interior pieces.

Steering Wheel: 

If you have bought a half wrap steering wheel. We can cover it to match the interior.

Door Handles and Window Cranks: 

Have them when you bring your vehicle into the shop.