Donnie's Custom Interiors is a family-owned home-based business that strives to maintain integrity and honesty in our business dealings. We are a full-time upholstery shop that strives to maintain excellent business relationships with several larger suppliers and manufacturers giving us access to the best materials available from the O.E.M. Vinyl, and fabrics. We are a one man show, no employees, when it comes to the one-off custom interiors, We specialize in building high quality one off custom interiors in
Street Rods, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Street Machines, Customs, Classics Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles as well as providing interior services for all other Vehicle.

Since 2004 Donnie’s Custom Interiors has earned a reputation as one of the most recognized interior trim facilities in Missouri with our Award-winning interiors displayed at some of the most prestigious shows throughout Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. What sets us apart is our ability to follow through and keep our promises; we listen to your input, understand your needs and deliver the optimal interior to meet your specific requests. We welcome the opportunity to have your interior restoration judged by experts. Honesty and commitment to our customers, along with our reputation for quality craftsmanship are why you should take the time to talk to Donnie’s Custom Interiors about your next interior project.

Donnie's Custom Interiors is dedicated to providing custom products that combine quality work with value pricing. The vehicle needs to be in the shop to build the interior. Before being able to start the design process, the vehicle must be in the shop. Based on the magnitude of the job, it could take eight to ten weeks to design and build a custom interior. Each interior is completed one at a time. All the designs are fabricated to fit the personality of each car.

The Craftsmanship at Donnie's Custom Interiors is naturally Fully Guaranteed. We started out with several goals for the business that I will never change, One is to treat every customer the same, no matter how big or small the project is, second is to do the finest work possible -if it's not good enough for my vehicles, it's not good enough for yours either, and the third goal is to always give every customer just a little bit more than they expect. Then the last, and in my opinion is the most important goal, is to be scrupulously honest. I invite you to call or stop in any time. Always wish to establish a successful partnership with the customers. Constantly striving to supply what the consumer is asking for, I will continually review what is available and the latest trends in the marketplace. Improving on what is available and providing new products and designs to the areas of need will help ensure my success in a market driven by consumer demand.

Providing complete auto restoration - seats, carpets, headliners, door panels, convertible tops, vinyl tops, and more. We exist to try to provide quality upholstery service at a fair and reasonable price Whatever your project maybe, from sewing down an open seam to a complete interior, it gets our complete, undivided attention, using only the finest equipment, fabrics, and supplies available.

At Donnie's Custom Interiors we strive to be THE one-stop upholstery shop for all the interior needs for any car enthusiast, from classic collector to modern luxury alike. Donnie's Custom Interiors is founded on the idea that maintaining satisfied customers is essential. With this in mind and will be working hard to ensure that all of my customer's expectations are exceeded in all transactions. My mission is to produce creative upholstery products for fleet and personal uses with efficiency, afford ability and outstanding service possible for the customers. I'm dedicated to providing custom products that combine quality work with value pricing. Wishing to establish a successful partnership with the customers.

Success will ultimately be measured by our customers choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet and exceed their expectations of design, price, service and selection.

Products, Service and Delivery:
All types of upholstery work all the way from the show car needing a full one-off interior. Interior services offered will include (but not limited to): seat built up and or repaired on all seats, design, repair and reconstruction of headliners, door panels, visors, side panels, carpeting, trunks, dashboards and back decks, steering wheels and center consoles. I can also offer custom embroidery work and fabrication of additional interior components.

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