Need to Know

Helpful Information on Complete Interior!

Complete Interior: 

When you call Us, it's best to have in mind the style of interior that you’re looking for the type of seating you have to use or want (stock seats, bucket, bench or custom-built seats). This way we can do our best to give you a price for the job. We never stick the customer with a surprise at the end, consoles, Speaker installation, Etc., and some two-toned interiors can add up the price easily as well.
Complete interiors require a deposit that covers fabrics, materials, and the starting labor at the time the vehicle arrives, during the progress of the interior being built we ask that paydays are done about every seven to ten days to help with other materials that become needed, with the balance due at the completion of the vehicle interior. Complete Interiors will be completed in a timely manner when we work together as planned! Most complete interiors take Us a month, but some jobs can even take more depending on the job, and if prep work has been done.


Pricing of services is based on visual inspection of each job. Because of the complexities of each individual project, it impossible to give accurate figures on our web site. To be fair to each customer we ask that you bring the project items to be recovered or restored into our facility. This way we can accurately assess what your job requires. From simple recovering to complete restoration Donnie’s Custom Interiors has got you covered. Please call us or stop by our shop.


Please call or keep in touch with us during the time of scheduling. Make sure you have an appointment.  It's better to cancel than to not have an appointment at all. Also, keep in mind this is when your vehicle should be ready for interior. In order to keep your time slot, stay in touch with the shop.  If you do cancel, we will keep you in mind and work you back in quick when you are ready for the interior. We as for a down payment for materials and the deposit will comes off the total. There is a down time the car needs to be in the shop before the job begins. Materials are ordered after the vehicle arrives at the shop. If you do not make your scheduled appointment, you could lose your place as days may be able to pass not weeks as we stay busy.

Deposits for Appointments: 

Most shops are taking a deposit, this helps keep appointments on track. Making an appointment without a deposit will not ensure your place on the list. Only a received deposit will ensure your place on the appointment list. Deposits are refundable when the interior is complete. If you do not make your scheduled appointment, you could lose your deposit or place and go down on the list. We are not a storage facility for your interior while in the restoration shop!


All jobs require deposits before we can order any materials. Complete interiors require a deposit for materials, labor., with paydays during the process of the work being done, then the balance due at the time of picking up your vehicle. This helps to better serves you to get your vehicle out as promised!


It's best "not" to push an interior shop to make deadlines for a car show, etc. By doing this you could cause us to make mistakes just let us be aware of the show and we will try our best to get you there. Things turn out better when time is taken with the design of any interior.


Don’t worry about all the details of the interior. We will be happy to guide you through all the details and styles that are available. Be patient, all things worthwhile takes time.