Don’t be afraid to ask questions we might have the answers!


Q: Do you work with individuals only? Or are you equipped to handle commercial projects?

A: We work with both individuals and dealerships in the Sedalia area with their auto upholstery needs. We currently handle jobs for several dealers.

Q: The seat in my car is heavily worn and has a rip along the edge. Do I need to order a new cover from the factory?

A: No, the majority of the jobs are repairing these problems. We remove the cover and replace the damaged (insert) panel with the original matching fabric, leather or vinyl.

Q: My leather seat is worn what can I do?

A: Some leather car seats wear like iron, others seem more like paper mache over foam. Regardless, most will show their age over time. Proper maintenance of your leather interior will make it last a long time. Leather needs to be kept moisturized or it will dry and crack. Unfortunately, the guy who had the car before you didn't know this, and your leather interior is showing some serious wear. Thankfully, there is hope. A simple leather replenishing and repair can make them look close to new again.

Q: I like the look and feel of leather, but don't have the cash I have been quoted to replace my seat upholstery. Are there any alternatives?

A: Yes, the industry is continually coming out with simulated leather and suede products, which look and feel just like leather. These products will actually last longer and wear better than the actual leather.

Q: Why does my headliner fall down? Can you put it back up?

A: The original headliner in your car had a foam backing when it was installed at the factory. Age, heat and moisture all combine to deteriorate the foam backing, causing the headliner to sag from the board. The good news is that the fabric can be replaced in most cars to factory condition again with same-day service. The sun visors also can be recovered.

Q: The plastic window in my convertible is sunburned or clouded up and I can't see out of it. Do I need to replace the whole top?

A: Depends on the type of vehicle, on most we can order and install a new window (back curtain) or your convertible, but some vehicles have a one-piece top.

Q: The seats in my car aren't comfortable. Is there anything you can do for me?

A: Yes, because we do repair work for auto dealerships, we have experience at many of the nuisance repairs, such as seats not sliding back and forth properly, foam rebuilding, re-padding, lumbar problems, etc.

Q: My dash is cracked. What can I do?

A: There are a couple of answers for the dash problem. Velour and carpet dash covers are reasonable and cut down on sun glare. For some vehicles we can order vacuum formed and painted permanent dashes that replicate your cars original dash.

Q: I have a 50's/60's/70's classic that I would like to have restored, but do not necessarily need it to be back to original. What do you have to offer?

A: At times we replicate the style of the era, using modern fabrics. We also upgrade the looks of the car using newer styles as well.

Q: Do you have a workmanship policy?

A: We fully stand behind all the work we do. Our business of over 5 years has been built by providing superior craftsmanship and quality service, creating long-term customer relationships. Much of our work is referral. You'll find our commitments are made with care, and we are dedicated to their fulfillment.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: We are a time and material shop. We quote based on the estimated time it takes to do the job right without rushing and taking shortcuts. We are not going to compromise our quality or our reputation and risk the job returning and inconveniencing our customers. Price also varies depending on type and quality of materials ordered.

Q: My wife is uncomfortable on long trips out on our motorcycle. What can I do so?

A: We can take and widen out the original seat padding to give more seating area or to keep an original look when there is no passenger, we have saddle seats...Saddle Seats is a pad that's one inch thick with saddles of foam that sets on either sides of your original seat in the width needed or desired. These than maybe easily removed for shows your bike or while you are riding alone.

Q: The rear window in my convertible has come loose from the fabric. Do I need to replace the rear window or the

A: No not always, I can and have re-sealed the glass around the edge. I have also taken the rear curtain completely out and installed the real glass back into it, and then re-installing the rear curtain.

Q: While at a traffic stop on my motorcycle, I have a hard time touching both feet on the ground, what can you do to help?

A: We can shave the foam padding down, tapper the sides in, most of the time we can use your cover over.

Q: What is the best way to remove mold from the interior of my boat? I've found many commercial cleaners in stores that promise to remove mold, mildew, and stains. They work to varying degrees of success. Some products claim to remove mold stains don't actually kill growing mold.

A: You can use a bleach and water solution. If you choose not to use bleach or other harsh chemicals, try vinegar, a nontoxic, all-natural product that produces no harmful fumes. Best of all, it removes mold. Mix 3 parts white distilled vinegar to 2 parts water. This solution will kill most molds on contact. Sponge it onto surfaces. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it dry.

Q: Where is my wind noise coming from? It keeps getting worse every year!

A: If your weather stripping is dry and cracked it can turn that nice quiet ride into a nerve racking and frustrating endurance test. Wind noise and whistling accompanied by water leaks in the rain and car wash could have been prevented with a little conditioning.

Use a soft rag to apply the soapy water and gently scrub the weatherstrip to remove all dirt and contaminates, then remove the soap by wiping with a wet clean towel. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Spray a clean towel with a silicone spray and wipe the weather stripping. Allow the silicone to absorb into the weather stripping and repeat the process. Be sure to cover the entire surface of the weather stripping with a generous amount of silicone.

Q: My SUV's leather seats has dried and cracked leather! Would it better to use Ultra Leather in place of replacing it with real leather?

A: Alternative Leather inserts are the ideal alternative to Leather. Made from a high-quality leather-like material, it is the better alternative to leather: better prices, completely animal-free, better wear resistance, fade resistant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. "Leather Alternative" seat covers wrap your seats in an ultra-smooth and luxurious feel, giving you all the benefits of Genuine Leather without any of the drawbacks.

Q: I own a 2005 Chevy full size pickup with grey cloth seats that has faded over the years. Now the bottom seat has a hole worn from getting in and out of the truck! How can it be fixed and look right with the rest of the cloth being faded so much?

A: After the seats have been cleaned the seats can be re-dyed back to the original shade! We have tested to see if a darker cloth can be dyed lighter but unfortunately with the fabric dye soaking into the fabric it makes it stiffer and don't change the color much!

Q: My wife is starting to enjoy riding with me more and more, but her butt and lower back hurt her when she is on too long. I'm looking for a gel seat cushion that would help her out. I have the stock seat on my Harley. I really don't want to buy a new seat, as I am fine with it, but she needs a little something for the long rides.

: If the stock seat is wide enough to give her adequate support and all she needs is cushion. We can pull back the cover and add gel foam, high density foam, or whatever you want. It's a lot cheaper than a new seat assembly. The seat should have plenty of material to add the comfort.